Mechanical health checks

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Vehicle lift inspections

Our mechanics will check the conditions of tyres, the degree of wear and will detect possible damage that may affect the driving safety and at the same time will check the pressure in the tyres to ensure optimum operating conditions for the tyres. Remember: too low or too high pressure affects not only the tyre wear but also the road grip.

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As part of our services we can replace worn elements quickly and reliably.

Apart from that, shock absorbers will be checked – we will check their wear, possible leaks and the condition of springs, as a well operating suspension system affects the road grip and thus also your safety. Another significant safety aspect are the brakes – our specialists can quickly check the condition of brake blocks, discs and drums and advise you if there are any irregularities or excessive wear.

Scope of vehicle lift inspections

  • Inspection of tyres
  • Inspection of the condition of shock absorbers and springs
  • Inspection of brake blocks and discs
  • Inspection of brake drums and shoes
  • Inspection of the exhaust system
  • Tyre pressure equalisation
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