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Pre-purchase vehicle inspection

Before each purchase many of us think about whether the vehicle is free from hidden defects, which involves some risk and causes the purchased vehicle to lose its value. Specially for you, meeting our customers’ needs, our garage introduced a service of comprehensive vehicle inspection by our specialists before making a purchase.

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If you carry out a comprehensive inspection at our garage, you can be sure that all hidden defects and faults have been detected, which will allow you to determine the real value of the vehicle and avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction in the future.

Our long-time experience and the ability to assess technical condition of a vehicle will help you make the right decision as to the purchase. There is a current price promotion for a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle technical condition before the purchase.

Scope of pre-purchase vehicle inspection:

  • computer diagnostics
  • measurement of paint coating
  • inspection of the suspension system
  • inspection of shock absorbers
  • check and visual inspection of the chassis
  • inspection of the brake system – effectiveness and technical condition
  • inspection of the exhaust system
  • inspection of the steering system plays
  • inspection of fluids and oils
  • inspection of the battery
  • inspection of the alternator charging
  • inspection of the vehicle lights
  • inspection of plays and the condition of CV joint shields
  • inspection of shock absorber for leaks
  • general assessment of engine operation
  • inspection of the operation of windscreen washers and wipers
  • inspection of V-belts and poly-V-belts
  • inspection of tyre pressure
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Pre-purchase vehicle inspection from £50