Roadside assistance

We own a flatbed trailer which enables us to provide round-the-clock towing services in Walton-on-Thames and in the neighbourhood of London. In the event of a failure or collision we can help transport your car to a garage.

roadside assistance Walton-on-Thames

Roadside assistance towing services Walton-on-Thames, London

We offer both small on-site repairs and transport of cars to a specialist garage in the case of more complex failures or bumps. Enter our number in your mobile in case you have to deal with a failure 0208 890 0892.

Roadside assistance services

  • Transport of cars
  • Wheel replacement
  • Delivery of fuel and bleeding the fuel system
  • Emergency jump start

Using our vehicle towing services and guarded car park you are sure to have chosen the best offer. We have prepared special discounts for the customers of our service facility and our department of collision repairs.

In the event of an accident or collision, the first thing is to keep calm and try to determine your location as precisely as possible – it will help reduce the time needed to for the roadside assistance to reach you. Remember that until we arrive, you should secure the area by placing a warning triangle, turning on the hazard warning signal and putting on a high visibility vest so that other drivers can see you from a far distance.

Vehicle transport from the UK to Poland on a flatbed trailer

We offer favourable terms of vehicle transport to our fellow countrymen who want to transport their car from the UK to Poland. As a rule, cars are transported from the UK to Poland for two most common reasons: to be repaired in Poland due to lower costs or to be imported from England for commercial purposes. We can help achieve your goal in each of these scenarios.

Transport of vehicles from car auctions

We offer transport of vehicles from car auctions in Europe. The most popular routes are: England – Poland, Poland – England, England – Germany, Germany – England, England – France, France – England.

Walton-on-Thames guarded car park

For the customers who after a collision want to be sure that the condition of their vehicle will be preserved, we offer a guarded car park service. We ensure that the car will remain in the condition it was parked at our premises until the repair. We will take care of protecting it from weather conditions (it is especially important in the case of cars whose interiors may be affected by rain).

If you are planning a long holiday or a business trip and want to be sure that your car will be safe – choosing our car park will be the best option.

Usługa Cena
Roadside assistance up to 3.5t from £50
Vehicle transport prices are negotiable