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Tyres and alloy wheels repairs, replacement

Our tyre service specialises in repair, replacement and sales of tyres and wheels in passenger cars and LCVs. Extensive experience and modern technologies allow us to handle modern tyres which change in line with technological progress.

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Each tyre is developed for a specific task and useful life. If you do not know how old your tyre is, it is enough to find its DOT code, the last 3-4 digits in the code mean the date of manufacture. Since the year 2000 four uniform digits have been introduced identifying the tyre. The first two give the week of the year, and the last two the year of manufacture. For example, 2415 means that the 24th week of 2015. As you know, with time the rubber the tyre was made of loses its properties and therefore tyres should be replaced every 5-6 years. The tread is also subject to wear, each tyre has a so-called block in the tread groove. It is an indication of the minimum tread thickness defined by the manufacturer. The recommended thickness of a summer tyre is 3 mm and of a winter tyre 5 mm. After this limit has been exceeded, the tyre must be replaced.

It is common knowledge that tyres in the car are the basic element of each vehicle which is in direct contact with the pavement we are driving on. This is why it is so important for the tyres to meet all the required parameters in order to ensure maximum comfort and safety. At our garage, we guarantee quick replacement and inspection of the condition of tyres in your car.

Virtually any tyre may be repaired, provided it is the crown (tread) of the tyre that gets damaged. If it is the side, the tyre cannot be repaired and must be replaced with a new one. Our offer includes a wide range of tyre repairing and retreading services. At GK Car Services you will not only repair the old tyres but also will be able to purchase tyres of recognised companies for your car at attractive prices.

Scope of repairing and retreading services:

  • Computerised wheel balancing
  • Replacement of wheels
  • Tyre servicing and diagnostics of wear
  • Checking the condition of the tread and assessment of its service life
  • Installation of valves in each replaced tyre
  • Sealing and retreading of any kind or size of tyre
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Replacement and balancing from £40
Tyre repairs £10