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Timing belt replacement

Timing gear is one of the most important engine components which may be compared to the heart. It makes the engine operate correctly. Apart from adequate dosing of the air for fuel combustion, its task is to eject the exhaust gases from the cylinder to allow the engine to draw fresh fuel-air mixture again.

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The timing gear drive is generally a timing belt, timings driven by chain or by intermediate distribution shaft may also be found. The manner the timing is driven depends on the engine design and purpose selected by the manufacturer. The timing gear is not only responsible for the exchange of fuel and exhaust gas but also drives the water pump whose proper operation prevents the engine from overheating.

The timing belt is responsible for transmission of the torque from the drive shaft pulley to the camshaft. The timing chain is applied in the engine instead of the timing belt. The chains are more and more frequently used by engine designers as they are able to transmit a significantly higher torque. It is especially useful in turbocharged engines. However, we should not think that timing systems equipped with a chain are maintenance-free. Unfortunately, the times when a chain survived even 500 thousand miles of driving without replacement are over. These days, the chain drives many more components than before and often there are several chains in the system. The tolerance to phase deviations related to chain stretching has also become lower. The modern timing systems with a chain require periodic inspections and replacement of individual elements.

Basic maintenance of the timing gear includes replacement of the belt or chain, tensioning pulley and water pump. Each car manufacturer precisely specifies in the manual the deadline for the timing gear replacement. Depending on the type of engine, it may vary within a range of 50,000 to 200,000 miles. Failure to replace the belt may pose a risk of its breaking.

If that happens, the movements of valves and pistons desynchronise. In contact engines pistons start hitting valves which then become distorted. The pistons and valves guides also get destroyed. In extreme cases, we will be facing a general repair of the engine, which, unfortunately, involves high costs. Therefore, replacement of the timing gear should be carried out at a professional servicing facility which will give you a complete warranty for the conducted repair. At our garage, we guarantee professional timing gear replacement in all passenger cars and LCVs.

We offer a wide range of spare parts, a high quality of services and attractive prices. When buying a car, remember to ask the seller for the documents confirming the mileage, at which the timing was replaced. If in doubt or if there are not such documents, you should absolutely have the timing gear replaced.

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Timing belt replacement (including water pump) from £150