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The suspension system is one of most important elements of our vehicle as it directly affects our safety. It is one of the elements which, along with the tyres, directly affects the vehicle’s contact with the surface it is driving on and therefore it is important that it should operate failure-free throughout its service life.

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Roads tend to be in various technical condition and therefore the car suspension is especially exposed to intensive operation when driving and to faster wear of its individual elements, in particular of all metal and rubber parts whose role is to damp all the bumps on the road. To ensure safety it is recommended to inspect the whole suspension system every 15 thousand miles at a specialist garage.

The first symptoms we should pay attention to, which signal that problems with the suspension system begin to appear, are beating and knocking noises in the wheels, excessive sideways tilting and also drifting during turns or pulling sideways when driving.

A slightly increased stopping distance may also be a sign of a problem (even with the ABS) as well as frequent skidding on wet pavement.

The above symptoms may result from different problems. Therefore, our servicing facility can conduct a thorough suspension check for you if there are any detected irregularities in its operation or wear of elements affecting our safety on the road. We will carry out all required repairs and replace all worn elements and will help choose the right spare parts in consultation with the customer.

The scope of suspension check includes among other things:

  • Thorough assessment of plays in the suspension systems and wear of rubber-metal parts
  • Computer diagnostics of shock absorbers
  • Computer diagnostics of the braking system
  • Comprehensive verification of the suspension system
  • Assessment of the drive system, e.g. the clutch and joints

Suspension repairs offer at our facility are among others:

  • Replacement of bearings
  • Replacement of suspension arms
  • Replacement of shock absorbers
  • Replacement of steering rods
  • Replacement of stabiliser bars
  • Replacement of pins
  • Replacement of springs
  • Replacement of joints and joint shields
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