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Spare parts

If you are looking for readily available spare parts for your car and for professional service, our offer is for you. We offer our customers the widest range of spare parts and many other car consumables.

Our vehicle servicing facility also deals with retail sales of spare parts and accessories for all types of vehicles and makes. Each car deserves the best service and therefore we try to select both original spare parts and substitutes that operate for the longest possible time, not only with consideration to the make or model in which they are installed but also taking account of the loads which the vehicles will be operating at.

spare parts

We offer different product groups, such as consumables, bodywork components, spares or other parts necessary to repair a vehicle quickly and effectively. Our salespeople will help choose the part for your car depending on the needs and costs you are willing to incur. We have a wide range of original parts and substitutes at very attractive prices.

We can guarantee competitive prices as we continue to collaborate with the largest spare parts distributors and other leading automotive warehouses in the world – to ensure trouble-free availability of parts for our customers. On individual request, we can also deliver original spare parts for niche cars and directly from authorised service facilities.

Our long-time experience allows us to diagnose any defect and order the parts to perform quick repairs without exposing the customer to unnecessary costs.

We sell parts for cars from all over the world and we are well prepared to meet our customers’ demands. Our employees are always ready to help you choose a product that is suitable for your car.

We offer discounts to the customers of our servicing facility!

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Shock absorber from £50.49
Battery from £54.99
Spark plug from £4.19