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Engine oil and gearbox oil change

Oil change is one the basic servicing operations which should be remembered by any car owner. Failure to conduct it will often lead to excessive and early wear of the power unit which is the heart of any vehicle, i.e. the engine. Therefore, its periodic and regular replacement must be remembered. It will ensure correct engine operation and at the same time improve its lubrication thus prolonging its service life which is of special significance in commercial vehicles.

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When driving, oil is contaminated and used up all the time. This is due to difficult conditions under which it works. This results in its losing the right parameters and properties with time.

To ensure proper lubrication of the engine you must remember about periodic oil change in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and not less frequently than once a year, as oil, even if it does not work, loses its properties. Therefore, it is important to stick to the deadlines for replacement if we want to enjoy prolonged and failure-free engine operation.

At our garage oil replacement is not limited to engines. Many drivers forget about other subassemblies in their vehicles which require oil replacement: manual and automatic transmissions, differential gear and rear axles.

Our qualified team of mechanics will help you choose the best oil for your vehicle and effectively and professionally replace it. Our extensive experience allows us to complete oil change in most car models within 30 minutes so you can count on quick and professional service of the your vehicle.

During the oil change, we additionally check other parts of vehicle such as:

  • Condition of tread on all tyres
  • Level and freezing temperature of coolant
  • Level and boiling temperature of brake fluid
  • Battery charge status
  • Engine tightness
  • External front and rear lights
  • Condition of wipers
  • V-belts

Safety and customer satisfaction are our priorities.

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Oil & filters change (the price includes labour only) from £60