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Mechanical repairs

Repairs at our garage are carried out by experienced and qualified specialists. Professional equipment of our servicing facility lets us perform all repairs effectively and within the shortest possible time, thanks to which you will soon have your car back in working order.

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The repair services are a result of discovering defects or excessive wear during regular check-ups at our garage. If a visit takes place because the driver feels that something is wrong with the way the vehicle operates, all work is preceded by a diagnostics process performed by our specialist.

If you cannot bring your car to our garage, we will come and get it. We have a flatbed trailer and towing will certainly be less expensive than at other towing companies.

Selected scope of mechanical services:

  • Current engine repairs:
    • Replacement or repair of the timing gear
    • Replacement or repair of the ignition system
    • Replacement or repair of the fuel system
    • Replacement of the coolant pump
    • Belt tension adjustment, replacement of the V-belt or poly-V-belt
  • Repairs of the transmission system
    • Replacement of the clutch disc, clamp
    • Replacement of dual mass flywheel
    • Replacement of transmission gear oil
    • Replacement or repair of the gearbox
  • Current repairs of the electrical system
    • Removal of ground loss problems
    • Repairs of external and internal lighting
    • Diagnostics of displayed errors
    • Clearing computer errors
  • Repairs of the exhaust system
    • Detection of leaks
    • Welding of exhaust systems
    • Replacement of mufflers
    • Cleaning of catalytic converters, injectors
  • Other repairs
    • Replacement of shock absorbers, springs
    • Replacement of joints, lubrication
    • Elimination of the steering system plays
    • All other operations related to the brakes
    • All other operations related to tyres and rims
    • Repairs of air-conditioning basic defects

The above list is just a part of our servicing offer. If you have a problem with your car, call us on: 0208 890 0892.

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