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Electromechanical services

Proper repair of a car is only possible after a proper diagnosis – this is why at our garage detailed diagnostics is the first step. Professional equipment from Snap-On and the experience of our employees make it possible for us to locate the defect responsible for the vehicle malfunction. After the defect has been located, we do not just get down to repairing the broken part but also all parts suspected of causing the defect. This will reduce the time your car stays at the garage and lower the cost of repair.
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Scope of electromechanical services:

  • Diagnostics of electronic systems
  • Repair of electrical and electronic systems
  • Programming of central locks and immobilisers
  • Complete diagnostics of engines, automatic transmissions, airbags
  • Repair of other electronic systems available in the vehicle
  • Testing of controllers and subsystems
  • Programming and coding of single controllers
  • Error deletion
  • Inspection deletion
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