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DPF/FAP filter servicing

DPF filter – also known as the diesel particulate filter Its task is to catch the particles of soot which are generated as a result of diesel oil combustion. It is designed to limit the emissions of the so called black smoke to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, not everything that is good for the environment is good for our engine.

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One of the biggest problems caused by the diesel particulate filter is oil dilution and increase of fuel consumption. The particles gathering in the filter cause slow plugging of the filter which translates into a loss of the engine performance. There are disposable filters that need replacement after filling up.

A more advanced solution is self-cleaning of the filter which consists in catalytic combustion of the soot after the filter reaches a sufficiently high temperature. This consists in periodic drives at high engine speeds, which causes an increase in the engine temperature and thus burning of the soot accumulated in the filter. Unfortunately, it is a temporary procedure and it has to be repeated from time to time. To avoid the problem, we offer cleaning of the DPF. Contrary to general belief, it is a safe method and it does not adversely affect the engine operation, provided that it is carried out by a professional garage with an experienced team of mechanics.

DPF cleaning should be performed in the following order:

  • Computer diagnostics and DPF analysis justifying its removal
  • Selection of the best solution such as: cleaning or combustion
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DPF/FAP filter cleaning from £60