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Crash repairs

Each of us wants the condition of our car to be the best possible. A road collision due to our or someone’s fault “grounds” the car for a longer time and involves costs and nerves related to the incident. Our servicing facility will conduct quick repairs using original spare parts as well as substitutes. Keeping the customer’s interest in mind, our garage carries out comprehensive post-collision repairs of vehicles, offering a possibility of choosing a replacement vehicle from our wide range of fleet cars.

post-accident repair London

Extensive experience and many satisfied customers prove the high quality of our services and the short time in which we bring the vehicle back to the condition it was in before the accident. Our garage offers non-cash repairs from the third-party insurance policy of the perpetrator. We only use the highest quality spares.

We are able to guide our customer through the entire process of claim adjustment during just one visit. If the damage to your car is minor and you consider a repair from your comprehensive cover policy, come to our garage. Our specialists will assess whether the cost of repair is worth losing the policy discounts.

A high quality of our services allows to bring the car back to the condition it was in before the accident so that it does not lose its value or the durability of the replaced or painted parts.

We carry out corrections of bodywork and paintwork

  • We remove dents
  • Complete reconstruction of post-collision damage
  • We remove scratches and local paint chips
  • We paint single elements
  • Repairs of corroded chassis and bodywork, chassis maintenance
  • We repaint whole vehicles
  • We help refresh paint to make it look new
  • Maintenance of paint coatings
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