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Air-con system servicing

GK Car Services specialises in servicing air conditioners in cars, caravans and other vehicles equipped with an air conditioning and ventilation system, repair of compressors and sales of the car air conditioning articles.

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The air conditioning system in a car is designed to improve the comfort of the driver and passengers during hot summers but also to increase the safety of travel by drying the air inside the car, which prevents condensation of steam on the windows in rainy weather thus improving road visibility.

Refill of air-conditioning:

  • Checking and refilling the coolant
  • Checking and refilling the oil
  • Checking the system tightness
  • Location of leaks using the UV method
  • Antibacterial treatment

To service air conditioning units we use a professional AC959 PRO device from CoolTech company – thanks to high ozone oxidation power it removes mould, dust and bacteria and eliminates all unpleasant odours.

You do not have to be afraid: cleaning of the air conditioning and ventilation does not require the use of chemicals or disassembly of parts in your car. The whole cleaning procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

How to service air-conditioning in cars

It is recommended to service the air conditioning once a year to prolong its useful life and ensure long and failure-free operation of the air conditioning system. Too little coolant burdens the engine and increases combustion in your car which exposes you to additional costs. Too much of it, in turn, may result in damaging the compressor which is the most expensive part of the air conditioning system.

Air-conditioning repairs:

  • Checking tightness with liquid nitrogen
  • Replacement of O-rings (gaskets)
  • Replacement of the condenser
  • Repair (soldering) of aluminium tubes
  • Repair of rubber hoses
  • Assembly and disassembly of air conditioning pipes
  • Replacement of valves
  • Replacement of the drier filter
  • Replacement of the cabin filter
  • Repair of compressors
  • Antibacterial treatment and ozonisation
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